About Me

Hi, I'm Angela, I love to craft alongside my part time holistic therapy business, with the wonderful company of my border collie, Ava in our little craft cabin here in Berkshire. 

I'm always making things for my own home and family and Ava, so I decided to start sharing my ideas here,  for humans, animals and the home.

Everything in my shop is hand made by me,  and can be made to order upon request.

Please do get in touch if you see something you like.  I would love to hear from you.

"My hooman makes me great tug toys and loves to play with me. We love hanging out together and I get lots of cuddles, playtime and walks in nature with her around her busy schedule". I like to sample the toys she makes. They are great fun when I'm running around the fields, as well as training at my agility classes.