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Who doesn't love to hang hearts around the home as decor?  I have one given to me by my daughter I will cherish forever.  It was given me at a time when she was a teenager and being quite challenging.  It says, 'I will always love you, no matter what you do, Amee.' I've also been given ceramic ones will cute wording on them too.

I enjoy making hearts for hanging around the home using tweed and pretty fabrics for different times of the year.  They can be hung on a dresser door handles, Christmas trees, shelving, doors and other places around the home.

Brimgs some love into your home with pretty decorative hanging hearts. 

History of hanging hearts

The famous storyteller H. C. Andersen made the first documented pleated heart in 1861. It was braided/woven in green and yellow paper, had 5 tabs, and was without a handle.

Pleated Christmas hearts to hang on Christmas trees were seen from the 1870s.

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